About Me

My name is David Manjarrez, lead pastor of Family Joy Community Church in Fresno, CA. My wife and I, along with a small group of dedicated people planted our church in 1992. Our purpose as a ministry is to reach people and lead them into an intimate relationship with Christ.

Our desire to reach more and more for Christ has been heightened by a move of the Spirit that began in February 2009. From February through November we experienced over 100 healings through the prayers of our congregation. During that time God’s Word concerning healings and miracles helped us focus on the primary purpose for healing, evangelism.

Now it is our goal to reach as many people as possible through the power of God, with signs and wonders following believers in Christ.

David Manjarrez, Lead Pastor Family Joy Community Church

  1. Trina Rivera says:

    You are an amazing Pastor, I am blessed to have you in my life. Thank you for starting this blog, very interesting..

  2. Tina M Escobedo says:

    Yes Pastor you may be just a man but a man bless with the gift to be able to share GOD’s word in away that everyone can understand and for that I’m thankful its you

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