A Different Kind of Touch (Part 3)

Posted: August 21, 2011 in The Touch of Christ

I love the stories in the Bible. But I’m constantly reminding myself that they are more than nice stories; they are history, the true accounts of God the Father, God the Son, and God the Holy Spirit impacting lives for thousands of years.

In 2 Kings 13:20-21 is one of the most amazing stories I’ve ever read. But what really trips me out… (oops, I slipped back into the ‘70s for a moment) But what I think is really amazing is the casual way this miracle is stated. The writer of 2 Kings uses two short verses to tell the story then moves on, as if this was no big deal. Maybe to God its not a big deal, after all; all things are possible for God. Here’s the story as I see it:

Elisha dies and is buried, not in a coffin, the body was completely wrapped in grave clothes. The clothes were probably similar to what he usually wore, tightly wrapped, and the head was wrapped separately then placed in a tomb. Another guy dies (his name is not mentioned) and at his funeral his friends saw some bad guys (Moabite raiders… I feel a joke coming on). They got so scared that they threw the man into Elisha’s tomb and took off running! When the dead man lands on Elisha’s bones he immediately comes back to life and stands up. WOW! There was resurrection power still in Elisha. Did you notice that the man landed on his BONES? Can you say decomposed?  One scholar says Elisha was dead for a full year!

What does that means to us?

First, this shows that Elisha did not perform his miracles by any powers of his own, but by the power of God! Second, it should challenge us to believe for the power of God to work through us. I think we do ourselves and others a disservice when we focus on the power of God FOR us instead of asking for the power of God to work THROUGH us. Third, the Bible says that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever. The Bible also says that the same power that raised Jesus from the dead is available to us who believe. (Eph. 1:18-20) Never limit the power of God, even to raise the dead. Why not? Jesus said even greater things we will do because He was going back to the Father. Are you ready for the resurrection power of God to flow through your life? I am, or least I want to be ready.

One last thought, wouldn’t it be wonderful if the things we did for God were so pleasing to Him and so filled with His power that He would anoint those things to change lives even after we have left this earth?

I pray that He does.


  1. Ken says:

    Hey David, you should check out Andrew Wommack’s website and get his teachings on “You’ve Already Got It!” Many Christians are waiting to receive or allow something that is already there. We are flesh conscious and not spirit-conscious (meaning: our reborn spirit, the new creation with the very life of Christ living in us, is the REAL us and it has been made perfectly complete almost 2,000 yrs ago).

    Andrew believed like many Christians do and could never see much of the power of God; once he understood this biblical truth, he started seeing miracles happen all the time, including raising people from the dead.

    It comes down to a renewing of our minds according to what scripture teaches and not the traditions/interpretations we have been told all our lives. Renewing causes transformation (Rom 12:1-2) and basically is the quality of exposing ourselves continuously to biblical truth until it gets into our hearts and transforms our thinking, feeling and behavior.

    Lord bless my brother who loves to see God operate in powerful ways! Ken C.

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